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Brogen & DavidDesert couples portraits in Anza BorregoAnza Borrego Desert State Park, CA

I can’t explain it. The desert east of San Diego pulls me in like a magnet.

By the end of 2016, there were a few places left on my list to explore in Anza Borrego and I was determined to cross them off. I asked Brogen and David if they wanted to spend a day exploring the alien landscapes with us over the holiday weekend. Besides, everyone in a long term relationship needs photos like this together. No special occasion required.

We grabbed lunch at a Mexican food restaurant in town then headed to the visitor’s center for a map. Old school, I know, but GPS doesn’t do much for you out there.

Our first stop was an old, dry lake bed that we had all to ourselves. As we ran atop its cracked surface, the sky above us began to turn. A storm was on its way through San Diego. We hopped back in the car as the light crested over the surrounding mountains.

Four miles of off-roading later, we arrived at our most anticipated destination. Font’s Point is even more spectacular than I imagined…and windy too. The clouds overhead glowed every shade of pink and purple as the sun set over the Badlands. Ominous dark grey clouds loomed in the distance, growing closer with every passing minute.

When the sun disappeared, Brogen and David cracked open a celebratory beer. We were all red faced and excited about the desert light show we had just witnessed. It was the best sunset of the year. And our timing couldn’t have been better. As we made our way back up the windy mountains, the storm hit and the rain fell hard.

This adventure is one of my favorites of the year. Brogen and David- thanks for all the laughs, and of course, your friendship.