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Becca & LeninMt. Laguna Couple Portraits in San DiegoSan Diego, CA

I had the pleasure of showing Becca and Lenin some of my favorite scenic spots around Mt. Laguna for their couple portraits. These Oklahoma natives were visiting San Diego for a friend’s wedding and wanted to take home some of their own memories. Coming from such a flat state, Becca and Lenin were craving mountains and forests. The drop off to the Anza Borrego desert below Mt. Laguna is one of the most spectacular views in San Diego.

I connected with Becca in a Facebook group for women in the wedding photography industry. Lenin and Becca rely heavily on their tripod and remote set up for self-portraits when they travel. She expressed how difficult it is to capture their love organically when fiddling around with camera settings. They haven’t been photographed by someone else since their wedding day.

I think it’s important to remember, the days before or after your wedding day are just as memorable as that day itself. I love doing impromptu couples sessions like this for that reason. It’s always a privilege to photograph my peers, especially a pair as talented as these two.