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Kaitlyn & MattNew York City EngagementNew York, NY

After nearly 8 years together, my sister Kaitlyn and her now fiance, Matt, finally got engaged over summer! Of course what else could I be but over the moon for them both! If you’ve ever seen the two of them together, you know their relationship is unique. So they decided to do things a little untraditionally…

In August, they hosted a little BBQ for friends and family to make the announcement. Instead of an elaborate proposal, Kaitlyn and Matt mutually agreed to take the next step. Kaitlyn did not want the focus of their engagement to be on her ring. They plan to wear rings in unison until their elopement to Big Sur.

Since we had already been planning a trip together to New York City in October, I immediately volunteered to take their engagement photos around the city. We decided to stretch the session across a few days of the week as we explored new places.

The vivid yellows and reds of autumn throughout Central Park were a special treat for us. We spent a perfectly cloudy afternoon romping around the park, starting from the trails feeding into the Upper West Side, until we nearly reached the bottom. A new, beautiful backdrop was waiting for us around every corner. I was in heaven. Needless to say, I I took full advantage of it all. I admire Kaitlyn and Matt’s resilience.

We were rained out of our plans to visit Roosevelt Island the day after. Instead, we kept warm and cozy inside the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Kaitlyn and I were drooling over images of the huge skylight illuminating The Temple of Dendur exhibit inside the museum. Unfortunately they were setting up for some sort of event, so we were confined to the corner of the room. (We managed to get at least one!)

A few days later, we made plans to meet up with one of Kaitlyn’s best friends, walk across the bridge and spend the rest of the day exploring Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Bridge was extremely congested with pedestrian traffic, making it almost impossible to get any decent shots of Kaitlyn and Matt together.

We wandered through some picturesque streets until  we found a small British pub where we leisurely enjoyed a late lunch. As we strolled out, the sky started to burst into color. Being the photographer that I am, I made the whole group chase me down to Brooklyn Bridge Park overlooking the water. The city lights sparkling across the water kept us there until long after dark.

Somehow time flew by and it was already our last full day in Manhattan. One of the final places on our bucket list was Grand Central Station. Some scenes of Kaitlyn’s favorite movie, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, were filmed in the terminal. Of course we had to try and recreate one of the scenes. 🙂

I ventured up into the strange Apple store on the second floor for the perfect vantage point…then it was all a waiting game. We waited patiently for oblivious tourists to cross in front of Kaitlyn and Matt. We must have spent nearly an hour in the main lobby underneath that famous gold clock. It didn’t bother me. The warm colors and natural light pouring through the huge ceiling windows were incredible.

We departed the station and spent the afternoon walking the High Line, my now second favorite park in Manhattan. As the sun crept lower in the sky and our impending departure loomed closer, I felt myself missing the quiet beauty of Central Park. I convinced the group to take one last trip to the park. We made it just in time for the golden hour.

Kaitlyn and Matt, if you’re reading this, I hope you will always look back at these images and smile. This is what your love for each other looks like from the outside looking in.  Photographs help me when words fail. I love you both and wish you nothing but a lifetime of happiness together.

Here’s to the next adventure.