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MarissaSomewhere near PalmdaleLancaster, CA

As a newly self-employed artist, I made a resolution this year to network more within the photo industry. After connecting through Instagram, I finally met with another local San Diego photographer, Adam (@thewanderingeyephoto), for drinks. He was ready to transition to full time work and suggested going on a mini road trip for some inspirational shooting as he endured the final weeks at his corporate day job.

In early April, we congregated at Adam’s house where I also met Al, fellow photographer; Marissa, our gorgeous model for the day; and Pete and Stephen, who have quickly become my go-to a-team for make up and assistance on shoots!

We were going to venture up to Antelope Canyon to frolic among the wildflowers, but our plans were derailed after a plane crash on the I-15 caused standstill traffic for hours. There wasn’t going to be much light left by the time we arrived at our destination, so I concocted a plan B in the back seat.

On a pitstop to get gas on the way to Vegas, I recalled seeing a beautiful green and rocky landscape right off the freeway exit. I had made a mental note to return here…and that we did.We drove deeper into the landscape and discovered some sheltered wooded areas and bright yellow wildflowers blooming off the side of the road too.

I whole heartedly believe spontaneity is the best answer to creativity. 95% of my photo locations have been the happy accident of getting lost or taking the road less traveled. Follow your instinct and it will lead you to magical places.

I had never done a collaboration like this before, but it was pretty fun and interesting to see the end result. Two photographers can have such a widely different take on the same scene.