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Rudy & JustinDreamy engagement at Lake MurraySan Diego, CA

I met Justin & Rudy late last month to go over the details of their upcoming wedding at the Secluded Garden Estate this summer. Rudy and I instantly bonded over our love of dogs and shoes.

I started frequenting Lake Murray in La Mesa almost seven years ago. It was a special place of peace for me during college, especially when I need to go take photos, so I was thrilled when Justin & Rudy mentioned it as the ideal location for their engagement session.

The lake is a popular recreation area in San Diego and was packed for a Saturday evening, but the crowds didn’t faze them at all. We were too busy tromping through smelly mud and laughing at my corny jokes (well, they were at least).

Check out this dreamy evening we spent together watching the orange, glowy sunset over the lake. We didn’t have a boat, but it could have been a scene straight out of The Notebook.