Scott & SoniaMountain engagement in Big BearLos Angeles, CA

Scott and Sonia have quickly become two important people in my life since Andrew and I started dating. I remember the year they met, shortly fell in love and got engaged. Their date is set for sometime in the fall in 2016 and I’m sure it will be nothing short of dreamy.

In August, the four of us decided to take a mini road trip up to Big Bear Lakes for their engagement portraits. We ventured to a few spots around the lake, but a brief glimpse I caught out the window on our way up the mountain lured us back to the road. It was the best view of the tree-laden landscape I could have ever hoped for.

Scott and Sonia cracked open a bottle of beer for a quick toast and settled in to enjoy the last rays of light sink behind the mountain peaks. Meanwhile, Andrew discovered an overturned tree that I promptly made the two of them balance on before dusk descended.

No extended car ride is complete without a trunk picnic. We packed snacks and drinks to celebrate the end of the session and the epic view. I could have enjoyed the mountain air all night if it wasn’t for the cold…and the bugs.

Congrats you two, I can’t wait for the wedding next year!